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Betta Boys (and girls!)


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These are the boys I have at the moment. Once I have permission from the relevant people, I'll post pictures of the boys and girls I'm getting soon. My current boys are all from pet or fish shops. I wish the photos were better, but some of the boys just won't co-operate and flare and/or stay still.






Wolfgang (he had finrot when I brought him home, but he's recovering. He clamps up in front of the camera)


Narcissus (named as such because he ignores other males in favour of flaring at his own reflection. He sulks if I remove the mirror)

More photos to come!

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Here are the breeding trio I'm getting from FantasyBettas. They're going to be named when they arrive. I'll outcross F4 (provided I'm happy with them) with a steel blue trio from Bluebetta who I'm breeding for form. I'm breeding this trio for their pattern and colour, but with a close eye on form, especially in the tail. I'm hoping the females' dorsals will grow, since they're only young. Photos used with permission.


The male.


First Female.


Second Female.

Narcissus is gorgeous :rolleyes: nice boys!

Thank you very much! And yes, I couldn't think of a more fitting name for the little guy. He knows he's pretty!

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