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Finally back


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Hi everyone,

I joined the forum last year & after much reading up on the matter bought a few beautiful breeding pairs with the intention of trying my hand at breeding. Unfortunately not long after that I had some unexpected family issues come up and had to postpone my Betta goals for awhile. Things are finally settling down now & I am once again back to reading everything I can about these guys.

Due to various reasons (one of which being a cat that is clever at removing tank lids to go fishing) I unfortunately lost my beautiful girls & my DT male but thankfully my HM & SD males are doing well. So if anyone in Brisbane has some HM or SD with HM geno girls for sale I would be very interested in them (don't worry the cat is now kept locked out of the fish room at all times).

I just thought I would say hello to you all since it has been so long. Off to read up some more :dontknow:


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Thanks everyone, I am enjoying brushing up on my betta knowlege...still trying to get my head around all the genetics. The genetics of cavies, which I breed as well, is so much less complicated than fish.


I thought that was a tri CKC I spied in your avatar

I have two :lol:

Rex the regal Ruby Cavalier and Daisy Marmalade whom I can only decribe as a very naughty Cavalier





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Lol, sorry cavies is the correct name for guinea pigs, I breed pedigree longhairs & rex, I couldn't breed dogs as I wouldn't be able to make myself get rid of any of the puppies...it is hard enough with the guinea pigs :)

I love your cavaliers, They are very beautiful dogs :wub:

Mine is called lady, she is about 4 1/2 years old & is very much a spoilt baby. She was the runt of the litter & only the size of a young guinea pig when I got her & it is amazing how big she is now. As you can see in the photo of her with a baby tri longhair she loves my guinea pigs :)

I know what you mean when you say they are naughty, lady is usually well behaved but when she was a pup she used to do the Lady & The Tramp thing & howl until she got put on the bed ect, which is how she got her name. She knows exactly how to get her own way & definately rules the house :P

Do yours snore? Lady can get very loud sometimes & drives my family crazy when they are tring to watch TV :lol:

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