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Steel multi CT male


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I paid way too much for him ($17 for a multi of unknown parentage! eeep! Bad consumer, bad bad!) but it isn't often that you find yourself a nice DRCT in the LFS anymore, and I fell in love with the ray extensions. OK, so they are a bit droopy, but so pokey and prongy, and no extra splits or fluffy ends.

Sadly, since I de-bagged the shipment myself (I got impatient and was handed scissors by the manager who really wanted to make another sale out of me :D) he was still too stressed to flare fully while I was inspecting, so I didn't notice he has cracked fin rays across the top. That is why he isn't holding his tail nice and straight. Still, he's a very pretty chap :D I'm hoping to find a nice CT female for him to play with next month :D

It was a toss up between him and a pinky cambo thing, but that one had an orange noggin and I can't bring myself to like orange noggins, so here is the new man of the house :D Currently nameless, but I'm thinking maybe Benji? (Blue Steel > Zoolander > Ben Stiller > Benji?) definitely up for suggestions though!


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