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some info please


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ok well ive bought my bettas off aquabid and they will be coming to australia on the 31st

my tanks are set up i got some plastic mesh an put java moss on it so the bottom of the tanks have a java moss ground

ive got some aqua master water ager an tap water conditioner, freeze dried bloodworms an betta pellets

my tanks also have moon lights an white led day light which are just for looks

my tanks are heated and say at 26c temp goes up and down every now and then by 0.5c

so is there anything else i should buy?

should i buy something to treat diseases just incase? i know that there isa good chance that when the arrive some might of gottin stressed an chewed there tails so do i get anything to treat that??

i am a newby to this so i dont know brand names of products so any help is very much appreciated

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