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Just thought I'd pop this up here for all the hermit crab and shellie people around.

My small crab moulted this week and tried to upgrade his shell, but there was only mid-sized models available. I looked at the Happy Hermit style ones and they wanted a lot of money for the size I needed, so while I was shopping today I picked up a bag of Shells Of The Philippines to try. They weren't all suitable, but there were about 5 good snail ones in there and a few smaller ones that the multies will love.

I have them a scrub and a quick boil to kill any nasties (I suspect they'll have had to undergo sterilisation on import too), and they are now in my tank for the inhabitants to pass judgement on. We'll know tomorrow I guess *crosses fingers*

Word of warning though, check each shell carefully. These particular ones aren't gloss coated, but one did have a hairline crack and someone has helpfully tried to reinforce it by slathering glue all over the underside. That one is not getting anywhere near the tank.

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