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giant betta's

brother bear

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Hi gang

i've been browsing aqua bid and drooling again

i was wondering what your thoughts are on these type of betta's, is there a call for them in OZ i don't want shell out a $150 bucks if i can't sell the off spring

would you need a giant female as well or could you use a standard female, is giant gene dominate or recesive


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the giant gene is thought to be mendelian (sp?) in the way it passes along.

i.e a full giant has two giant genes (GG), if you breed with a normal female (gg) you'll get offspring that are 100% half giants (Gg) as it's a co-dominant gene. breed them together and you'll get 25% giants (GG), 50% half giants (Gg) and 25% normals (gg).

that said, not enough's known about the giantism for us to be 100% sure that's the way it works, even though we're pretty certain :)

and yes they are sought after!! i had a pair of giants and they were beautiful! sadly i never got fry from them but i currently have a 1/2 giant that i'm hoping to get full giants from in a few gens :) that said i wouldn't shell out $150 for them when you can get them for as low as $40 on aquabid if you keep your eyes open :)

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