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i had to select 3 digital photos for my photography class to hand in. my teacher is big on photoshopping the images so i had to do that or i wouldn't pass :)

that said, i didn't touch any of the fish with photoshop apart from cutting them out so i could give them an outter glow to make them stand out from the b/g's. all the colours are 100% natural, i dunno if i'll submit the copper as it's an old photo, but i took the other two today :) i couldn't get either of them to flare, and when the HM boy finally DID flare, i wasn't paying attention so i got a pic of when he was starting to fold his fins back in :) typical.




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i like the middle pic the most... then the third then the first, i dunno something about the orange on orange made it hard to tell what colour the fish actually is... although the fish isnt the whole project lol... i really like the b/gs though... great work... i used photoshop once... a bit more features then Paint... just one or two more :) but i decided ill stick to paint.

if you really want a good project you could make me a new avatar and stuff with one of my fishies and say to your teacher you did this for someone else as a community project for extra marks :)

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