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Black Ghost Knife


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Hi this is a new addition to my community tank.

His stay will be short as I am fretting for my neon tetras.

so far he is fine as he is young. He is amazing to watch

(when he is not hiding inside ships and under rocks)

He swims upside and backwards and all of the above!

I have found a new home for him already, sadly he will be

leaving next week...



and some more if you want to see



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30cm's! wow that's huge, I thought they got to 20cm!! What size tank did they live in?

They are really cool Phil, that's why I bought him - but they eat tetras!

I have 2 bubbie platys at the moment - they are obviously the cunning ones and deserve to live!

I am surprised they have survived the BGK!!

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Yeah they might eat ur tetras. Or u could just get bigger tetras. I like bleeding heart and congo tetras. If i didnt have a heap of cardinals and rummy noses i would get a BGK.

Yep the 30cm ones were way cool. They were just in a 2ft tank. We only imported about 5 of them so they were the only ones in that tank with about 10 15cm ones. They sold practically right away so werent in there for long ;)

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