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Books on Bettas?


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My betta bible is "The Betta Handbook" by Robert J Goldstein. It has a great section on wilds, genetics, diseases, and breeding. It is written in plain english and covers most things in enough depth that even if you don't fully understand it, you understand enough to be able to work with it :lol: I honestly wouldn't recommend any others at the moment, I have a few and much of the information is quite dated and imprecise, especially when it comes to genetics and diseases. If your goal is showing fish or breeding the ideal showfish, you really need the IBC standards as that is what most shows will judge on. You can get when you join the IBC. I think they have recently been redone to add in new tail types and colours. And for general genetics, you can't go past the Aquariology series' "fish breeding and genetics". It is out of print so you have to hunt 2nd hand books, but geez they are fantastic books!

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