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Often understated fish, the platy is a very hardy peaceful community livebearer.

My my interest in platys started when I saw my avian vet's swordtail tank which was full of fry dense plant growth and adult swordtails in a medium/smallish sized aquarium. I was facinated by how well the fish coped under conditions some other fish couldn't tolerate.

I started with a school of golden platys which for some reason refused to breed so I made a switch.

Then my sister got me hooked on blue neon mickey mouse platys. At first I didn't like them but now after some research they've grown on me and unlike the golden platys they did breed because of the beautiful stocky female pictured below who is almost constaintly pregnant. Obviously the quality of the female plays a significant part in how well they breed.

They are not as productive as my guppys but will freely breed without intervention and fry can be raised in a community aquaria which is densely planted.

The fry are quite attractive little fish from about 1 month onwards when their colours start showing. Fry are not fussy about what you feed them so ling as it fits in their mouth (which is one of the reasons I like this fish).

Posted Image

Posted Image

10 reasons to get this fish:

They are peaceful.

They will tolerate most water conditions.

They are active and seldom hide away.

They are cheap.

They eat most fish foods.

They are an attractive addition to the community aquaria.

They are easy to breed (with the right fish)

They are great for begginers and a little more interesting then guppys (Well...I think so).

They are not demanding.

They also make great cleaner fish, they will eat algae and left over food ;) .

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Hey fuzzy, those platys look really nice, are they common in aquariums? i didnt see that kind where i bought mine.. i think i have red wag's but im not 100% they're my first fish and so far im loving them - not causing me any problems at all

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