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  1. WOW 3 pages ! well i saw it and it was a bit of an anticlimax maybe id built it in my head that it was going to be some kind of documentary but it seemed like it was over in 30 seconds :/ *back to admiring my bettas* :)
  2. oh maybe i got the show wrong it was a gardening one and dr harry had a segment at the end on last night !:thumbs:
  3. apparently on the next burk's backyard dr harry will do a segment on bettas not sure when that is but mum said that they said on the next show there will be a part on fighters heads up! ren
  4. crystal palace is in fivedock its one of my fav local shops for the discus and i think xtreme is up at taren point !! never been there but i hear its good
  5. haha thanks everyone !! didnt realise i'd get a post too! woot im goin to cirque du soleil this arvo with mum then out later on with some mates big happy birthday to you too boughetto! you old fart !!! :P
  6. Welcome Janice! can't wait to see them!:blink:
  7. ive had my two bristlenoses for over a month now and ive never directly fed them they eat the driftwood - you'll soon see a lot of wood poo appearing on the floor or in your filter - wood is a big part of their diet if its available.. other than that im pretty sure they just eat the leftovers ... mine really dont eat any algae though wish they did
  8. thats awesome im so jealous :P
  9. i buy mine from auburn aquarium or from crystal palace in fivedock because they arent in those tiny bags - theyre actually in tanks and they scoop out however much you want to buy and put them into a big fish bag - so i find theyre in better condition and they last longer :(
  10. well the excitement is over .. the parents ate all of the eggs it was their first attempt so they dont really know what to do i guess hopefully they keep trying! ren
  11. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG tonight i noticed my rams digging out a crater in the gravel in the corner of my tank - i was worried at first thinking they had ich and were scratching themselves on the gravel... but then i sat down and watched them for about 20mins and realised they were doing some funny business and suddenly i saw EGGS!!!!! im so excited but im worried because this is in my community tank?!! it houses 6 discus 2 bristlenose and 6 rams oh and one CT what should i do?!!? should i leave it all as it is or try and remove the eggs into a hatchery net i have (which i used to keep the betta
  12. Congrats on the spawn Daniel they look awesome :thumbs:
  13. hey guys i got a CT on saturday from the local shop spent about an hour literally starring into 3 jars deciding which one to take in the end i took this one home what do yas think?? http://members.optushome.com.au/renaudb/Picture061.jpg and http://members.optushome.com.au/renaudb/Picture064.jpg ren <- very happy !
  14. hey vicki, ive got two males and two females but i think the females are young? i read in my book that the females are supposed to be bigger than the males?? well at the moment the females are about half the size of the guys so im guessing they're younger some fry would be cool ill look up all the fish you mentioned, i dont know any of them yet ! thanks for some ideas! :)
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