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New Breeder Gold Coast area


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I'm a new breeder that has always loved keeping all sorts of animals. I have a number of discus, axolotls, angelfish, neon tetras and glass fish. I also have platy fry that I'm currently raising. My interest started when the few fish I kept in my backyard pond started breeding and now I'm obsessed! I love all things fish and aquariums and hope to offer some interesting strains of fish at affordable prices. I also want to share my knowledge of how I've saved money in fish keeping, as I know it's an expensive hobby! 

Thanks guys :) 

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Hi Amber, welcome to the forum! Fishkeeping can certainly get addictive :D
What colour platies are you breeding?  I'm trying to decide if I will get back into livebearers again.  I had some nice platies once, so maybe I'll go back to them.  Can't wait to hear some of your money saving ideas!

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