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Hi, I'm a casual hobbyist from Melbourne with two nanotanks 

In the first tank I've got an apple snail and a female dumbo betta (Plippy)

In the second tank I've got a thriving little colony of glass shrimp. I'm hoping to potentially add a betta to this tank.

I'm also interested in aquatic plants. I've got marimo balls, anubias + driftwood, a banana lily (without bananas?) and a LOT of peacock moss. One day I'd like to start a tank with CO2 to grow more difficult plants.

I don't have plans to breed in the forseeable future but it might be on the table one day :)

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Hi plippy. Welcome to the forum. We’re you at the Victoria Betta Show this weekend? They sound like great little tanks you’ve got there. Just be careful with introducing a betta to your shrimp tank. Bettas would see shrimps as food and even if they aren’t able to take a whole one, they will often take nips at legs and feelers.

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