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Hello from Adelaide


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Hi All,

I don't have any Bettas at the moment -I have kept some in the past but got swept up with Shrimp keeping fever and gave them away. I have a shrimp specific room in the house and have a few spare tanks that keep beckoning to me to fill so thought I would like to have a try at one spawning of Bettas. -Yes I know famous last words- one is never enough. However I would be classed as a novice in regards to Bettas so have a lot to learn. I am having trouble finding breeders in SA so thought joining your group may help with introductions. I would love to have some lavender jumbo ear halfmoon plakats- have I got that right or is it dumbo ears???? Any way whether I will be able to get some of these is yet to be seen -it may come to getting whatever is available at the time.

At this stage I won't be trying to get show stock or entering shows - do we have them in SA ? - this is just to add to my shrimp keeping hobby to give me something else to look after as I am now retired and have plenty of time.



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Hi Ineke

I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say you know Jay :)

He contacted me recently about his "shrimp mama" and her wish to give Betta a go in SA - welcome to the forum...you've come to the right place!

Unfortunately, lavender jumbo (or big ear, or ee) plakats aren't my specialty.

I'm located in the northern suburbs and am currently playing with Crowntail plakat lines and a line of white doubletail plakats.

Feel free to look me up on Facebook

See you around the boards


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Hi Brenton,

Yes that would be me! The Lavender's are just something to aim for - I really just want to learn as much as I can and have a go at

breeding. If I get it right and have some success then I will try to get the Lavenders but in the mean time I will be looking to get one

pair or a trio of whatever is available at the time. I have 2 tanks setup already for my fish-just letting them cycle and have spare

tanks ready to setup for breeding and of course a few grow out tanks supposing I am lucky enough to even get any fry. I am just

looking up about live food and will try to source some local microworms plus try my hand at BBS. I will look you up on facebook .



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