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  1. Welcome Fatbetta. Nice to see another SA member.
  2. Hi Brenton, Yes that would be me! The Lavender's are just something to aim for - I really just want to learn as much as I can and have a go at breeding. If I get it right and have some success then I will try to get the Lavenders but in the mean time I will be looking to get one pair or a trio of whatever is available at the time. I have 2 tanks setup already for my fish-just letting them cycle and have spare tanks ready to setup for breeding and of course a few grow out tanks supposing I am lucky enough to even get any fry. I am just looking up about live food and will try
  3. Hi All, I don't have any Bettas at the moment -I have kept some in the past but got swept up with Shrimp keeping fever and gave them away. I have a shrimp specific room in the house and have a few spare tanks that keep beckoning to me to fill so thought I would like to have a try at one spawning of Bettas. -Yes I know famous last words- one is never enough. However I would be classed as a novice in regards to Bettas so have a lot to learn. I am having trouble finding breeders in SA so thought joining your group may help with introductions. I would love to have some lavender jumbo ear halfm
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