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Advice for Gippslander?


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Hi All,

In the last 4 months I have eased my way back into the hobby of Aquaria.

30 years ago I had a large 4ft tank with guppies and sword tails which fell by the wayside due to 'life'.

Last September purchased a 20 ltr tank for my Father for fathers day, remembering he always wanted a tank near the front door.

Now he had retired, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for him to get 'fishing' again. Unfortunately he confided in me a week later he was over aquariums and could not take on the responsibility. So home the tank came. The bug had struck. Now, what to put in it?

Bettas were my first thought, fighting fish was my second thought and Bettas were my 3rd thought!

Research, research, research. Can't have females together, tank too small for more than 3 females, yes you can have a soroity. Research, research research. Cycled the 20lt tank for 3 weeks, purchased 3 females, - out of mothballs from the shed came an old 4 ltr tank for the Male and the cat warmer for it to sit on for heat. It gets a bit cold in Warragul.

All set, all good, 4 weeks in 2 females die, yes 20% water changes have been constant. Mmmm now what, buy more females? No, - decision made to put Male in with last remaining female, yes, against research advice.

Food source has been wild caught Red worms and Mosquito larvae and Betta Pellets.

Now, woke up last Thursday, a week ago, to find the mating dance had started, small bubblenest built in corner and female in trance like state, yes wrapping had begun.

The 20 litre tank was still full, overhead filter still running and much gravel at the bottom of the tank, not ideal!

Off came the filter, water level lowered slowly to 5 inches, scrape gravel away from under nest, bottle up female to allow male to build nest again.

After 2 hrs of this preparation, released female again and wrapping continued, eggs laid and carried to nest, away we go.

In short, I now have a 20ltr Tank half full of water with a dozen free swimming fry! Parents have been split up in the 4 ltr tank for now.

Trying to keep fry alive with egg food and green water. We will see how we go.

Need to find some Brine shrimp eggs and worm cultures I think.

What an interesting 4 months!

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They won't eat it if they're not moving. You could try swirling it. But I've not had much success with frozen. Have you tried eBay? There's usually someone selling some. If you're really keen you could buy a whole can. Excess eggs can be stored in airtight containers in the fridge. I get my cans of brine shrimp from here: https://www.primo.net.au

You could also try raising brine shrimp to adult size. You'll need a dedicated tank for them though.

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I use a Syringe to feed my boy, take 1 plastic spoon, put some brine shrimp in spoon, Take Syringe to tank and draw up some water ( do not use straight tap water ) squirt some water into the spoon over the frozen shrimp, bloodworm or daphnia, then suck it all up into the Syringe, walk over to the tank and squirt it all in, my guy goes mental over the food I should have called him torpedo thats how fast he attacks the food. I also presoak his pelets a bit and use the Syringe, Sometimes I put a few pelets on my finger and he will take them that way.

He also gets dead ants and fruit fly if I catch any.

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Thanks for the help.

12 day old fry seem to be doing OK. Only about a dozen in the tank. Sourced BS eggs and they are happily munching away on BBS now. I am using the simple BS Hatchery mentioned in the Lab section of the site, adding small amounts off eggs each day for a continuous slow hatch. Not many fry to deal with. Slowly doing small water changes as the Nitrite started spiking, probably the food (egg) I had been adding for them. Also introduced a sponge filter, mainly to break up the scum on the surface, gently with the bubbles. Culture of MW on it's way too. Fingers crossed we can get them bigger.

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