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  1. I thought this was going to be my second female but I think she is now a he? Thoughts anyone? 25 weeks old now. "OOps they spawned log". I have also noticed that both Mum and Dad have their right ventrals shorter than their left. This baby also has the same affliction. I guess that is not good form?
  2. Where has the time gone! 6 weeks old, still in the 4ltr tank - sharing with 70 siblings. Update on Spawn 3. Have just moved the 70 odd fry from the 4ltr to the 20 ltr. Picture is In the process of acclimatising. Its actually been a week now and did not loose any in the move. woo hoo. And they look much better swimming around the bigger tank. They almost look lost! Although 8 weeks old, the biggest is only 1cm and I guess that will be because I have not been performing enough water changes in the small tank. Difficult to do and maintain a constant water temp and conditions when taking out water and adding water in an unheated room. I should be able to perform regular water changes and maintain the feed in the bigger tank. Will see what happens. 70 of the blessed things. Feeding on BBS and MW 2 to 3 times a day. Also starting to add a little BH for them to chomp on if they like.
  3. This spawn has been a disaster growth wise from the start. I can't believe they are 20 weeks old. This is the biggest and always has been twice the size of the other 3 spawn mates. Any ideas what he might be? His iridescence is enhanced by the flash. At 20 weeks this spawn would be classed as a failure even though only 4 fry have enjoyed the spaciousness of a 20 ltr tank. I'm not sure if I didn't feed them enough, they seemed to get the 'same' as the first spawn but have just not thrived in a 'fresh' tank when compared to the first spawn in an established tank. OH well - it is all a steep learning curve. I won't be keeping him or the other 4 fry at this stage. Need to make way for the next batch having just moved them into the 20 ltr tank. All 70 of them!
  4. Hows the non live food diet going Madz?
  5. Yes Razzi, these are the same parents. As I said earlier, I thought I had put them away for the winter! It was an interesting month in their tank. Their water went green and it was about the same time the heat pad died. The water temp was very low and I was keeping an eye on how they were looking with the green water too. They were still eating fine and seemed happy so I just did two half water changes over two weeks and it was after the second water change I replaced the heater pad. The water still looked cloudy but they still looked happy so I decided to do a complete tank clean, wipe it out, adding the new water with the new clean tank seemed to spark their interest. I'm not sure how they were getting over or around the barrier, but they were visiting each other virtually every day, as I said no courtship or nests until the above happend. I must have unintentionally conditioned them buy increasing the water temp with the new pad and improving the water quality over the 3 weeks and also maintained the variety of food they were getting, betta pellets, frozen blood worm and some Beef heart.
  6. Well, I thought it was getting a bit cold and have settled the pair in a 4 ltr divided tank for the winter. The heat pad I was using seemed to fail and the temp dropped for a few days so I purchased a new pad used for brewing. Doing the Job perfectly temp wise. Over the last week Dad has jumped the barrier and has been returned to his side and Mum has also visited dad on a few occasions. No nest, no wrapping no googly eyes, just seperated and barrier adjusted. Walked into the room the other day and Mum was visiting Dad again only this time small nest and wrapping? On closer inspection, free swimming babies could be seen. Where the ?&$% did they come from? As I said, no nest has been observed until today. Free swimmers with Mum and Dad while still wrapping, would indicate a union 3 - 4 days prior! All the free swimmers were quickly gathered up into a floating container about 50 all up. BBS set to go again and VE culture, although sparse could be utilised. Time for some tank consolidation. The free swimmers pulled from the clutches of the amorous parents. Being fed BBS, green water and VE And Tails, two days after wrapping I will be treating all these fry as one spawn and once dad has been removed, all will swim together with a birth date average of 26th May, day wrapping occured but free swimmers found. Tails above were yesterday 28th May. This is the tank they decided to use for a nursery. I have removed the top barrier so she could get away from him if needs be. The floating container on the right contains the 50 free swimmers found. These things seem to breed like rabbits if given the chance! 50 plus babies will certainly sort me out in this spawn. Previous biggest was 11, 9 of which reached the sort out stage, 5 sold and 4 kept. Here we go again.
  7. Wow I had to renavigate through the process for posting. Thought I would finish off this log. I have decided to keep two pair. I have sold to a LFS, the No1 male above and the plain looking sisters and have decided to keep No's 2 and 3 from above. I have also decided to keep the runt of the spawn. You can see an early shot of him bottom right @ 10 weeks. Front vertical is No1 above and horizontal behind his head is No 2 above. His brothers and sisters seemed to stop growing and here he is all grown up at 18 weeks. Completing the two pair is the second female. There seems to be a hint of pinapple ? color. Wow do you get a variety from unknown parentage purchases. I think you can see the direction I have decided to go. Double tail, cambodianish type stock. At some stage I will need to introduced a half moon Cambodian to widen the tail, but we will see what turns up. Spawn done. Oh yea, Ooops dad has jumped the barriers to be with Ooops mum and I had free swimmers yesterday. Here we go again!
  8. Darther

    Red HMPK

    Nice development. Much more unform than my LFS purchases. I assume they are related too? Looks like you know what you will end up with, but slight form changes to chose from to make improvements? I know nothing about form, but I assume that is your aim?
  9. Darther

    Red HMPK

    I realise you have culled a few but they all look pretty uniform. I wouldn't advise having that beer prior to your culling exploits! You will need to save it for after, with a few more I suspect. Is most of the color in the early photos from their bellies full of BBS?
  10. Great Hook Razzi! Is there somewhere I can read about Dble Tails being gold? Are they hard to get? Not squeamish about culling either, Bring it on.
  11. Close Ups. No 1 Looking Male to me. No 2 Looking Male to me No 3 Looking Female? What a mix! Part of the fun I think. Not sure where to go from here. I look to have a couple of Cambodian color Double tails, paler color than the above at the moment, What would others think about me creating a line of Cambodian Double tails? Are they around already? Would I be wasting my time? Is the form anywhere near worth perservering with? Any advice would be taken on board.
  12. Ok, started the Jarring process. Number 1 being transferred. Number 2 in and 3 being transferred. These are the 3 which have colored up the most. 1 & 2 I think are both Males, not sure with 3. Cambodian color.
  13. Still have the 5 swimming around and growing slowly. Any idea why 3 of them look as though they are tail heavy. Their tail seems to point to the bottom most of the time they are off the bottom. Two seem to glide as per normal through the water but the other 3 seem tail heavy?
  14. Darther

    JLM11012015 F3

    I also appreciate your photography skills. They never stop long enough for the camera to focus properly. Hundreds of photos for 1 to use!
  15. Darther

    JLM11012015 F3

    It's fantastic how you can go back through the generations and see progress like this. With bigger spawn sizes you obviously get more of a choice and chance of getting the combinations you need to progress. Starting out with well bred stock in the first place, obviously gives you an advantage in getting to where you want to go. Fry are looking very well. I guess you might also change your aims along the way. Surprise pop ups like the Butterfly appearing might see an offshoot from the original aim?
  16. Oops, been a little busy. The growth has slowed dramatically. Probably a bit slack with water changes. We are at the 11 week stage in the next photos. The flash brings out the wild coloring? These two look like mum, plain Janes or is that Jack? Any Idea on sex or still too early. Would you say wild color too? Seemed to have reached the 2.7cm in length and pretty much stopped. The runt is now not far behind them. About 1.8cm and gaining. Feeding BHM, frozen blood worms, BBS and Mosquito larve. Next - jarring.
  17. Darther

    JLM02022015 F3

    That flash of Copper in the tail seems to finish him off. Do you think it comes from Dad, he looks to have a touch of copper in the ventral? To have it appear in this fry, so formal in distribution - must attest to the skill of the breeder. Is that a touch of copper in the ventral too?
  18. Darther

    JLM11012015 F3

    Sorry Jay, I might have hijacked your thread but this is great info. I'm sure there is a thread on Jarring somewhere, with pictures of jarring setups??, but I have not found it yet. The Beanie boxes are acrylic so I hope there is no issues with water quality. I have them sitting on a heater pad at the moment seeing if the temp will hold. It gets cold at night in Gippsland. Sheesh, I think I'm being sucked in! Beanie boxes/heating pads whats going on? I'm supposed to be having a bit of fun! Well - yes I suppose I am!
  19. Darther

    JLM11012015 F3

    Jay, what sort of Jars do you use? I have just bought some beanie boxes and will be jarring soon I think, although to date, there has been no aggression - just past the 11 week stage.
  20. Fry Size is certainly interesting. Environment plays a huge role obviously. My second spawn as I mention in the log, are way behind the 1st with less of them in the same size tank, although same genetics. Feeding from day 1 was the biggest issue between the two spawns.
  21. Another little learning snippet for the memory bank! Clean tank - extra feeding.
  22. We are at the 5 week stage and this spawn looks to have much slower growth rate than their siblings in the first spawn. Only .8 cm in length. They look to be 3 may be 4 weeks rather than the 5 weeks they are. There are only 5 in the spawn, againt 9 in the previous spawn, tanks about the same size so more room per fry. The still get their 3 feeds a day 2BBs and 1 M/W. They get more water changes than the first spawn. Actually I have just looked at photo's of the first spawn and they might be 3 weeks slower developing? Curious. I have a feeling that the first spawn were in a planted existing tank and there was plenty of micro fauna to munch on and got away to a good start. In the Spawning tank, it was a new tank, no micro to munch on much slower initial growth rate. It will be interesting to see if I can get them to catch up.
  23. Ok, we are now at the 8 week stage. I see a little color developing on the Opaque babies. Does this look like a Cambodian developing? Or is it just a phase. Largest is 2.6cm, smallest is 1.3 cm averaging the 2cm mark. Feeding Beef heart untill they almost burst as the photo shows, BBS once a day and mosquito larvae once a day with a few red worms intermingled. Looks also to be a simple Delta tail?
  24. 7 Weeks old. 2.1 cm and only 3 of the 5 opaque ones remain opaque. The others are turning into this Wild? color. Do solids go this non color prior to coloring up? Most of them do look like their mother. Would wild color be dominant? They are feeding on BBS and beef heart and seem to be growing strongly. The runt 1.1cm is also growing well, which is also a Double tail. So two in this spawn and 1 in the next. 3 from 15, Close to expected if recessive gene. Growth spurt may also be water changes which have been doubled to twice a week. Just received some figurine display cases(beanie baby) for jarring. A couple of weeks away yet - I hope.
  25. Darther

    JLM11012015 F3

    How big are these fellas?
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