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  1. I have had Hengeli rasboras with a Betta, They were fine the Betta was the problem. 17 litres is too small for tank mates in my opinion. You need at least 6 of them or they will stress, The more the merrier.
  2. Thanks. Oh yes my female is making bubble nests.
  3. Like the title says I have been away a while. The main reason is, I had a pest controller in and he killed my whole tank. Yes all my fish died. I was so devastated I have no words. Cut a long story short I rebuilt my tank. I now have a beautiful female betta I call Zsa Zsa 5 Kuhil Loaches a Mystery snail and some shrimp, Well the ones the betta don't eat anyway. Here's a few photos. ZsaZsa when I first got her. Same fish a few weeks latter Some of the loaches, I have 5. They live here.
  4. Is there such a thing as a breeding pair of bettas? From what I understand, You slowly introduce the male and female they do their thing then after you remove the female or they will fight. I may have my facts wrong.
  5. It's a BN Pleco, Active little suckers LOL Snail wash anyone?
  6. He loves brine shrimp.
  7. My first lilly pad, Yobbo seems to like it too.
  8. I will let this photo speak for itself. I wash my hands well in hot water without any soaps or anything first.
  9. Ummm. After this morning I would say no, The little catfish are fine, The snails are fine, the shrimp a fine, He killed one of the Platys, and was attacking the others, I had to put 1 down because of the damage he caused, This is 1 agro Betta.
  10. Mr Yobbo found that if he stares hard at the glass in the back of the tank he can see another betta, And its time to flare and fight. My solution was to line the inside of the tank with those 3d Styrofoam backgrounds. 3-D Aquarium Background Crevice 14"x14" Yobbo also has a few new tankmates.
  11. Yobbo now has 2 of these cat fish as tank mates. I also counted 5 shrimp in the tank today I threw in a few algee wafers and they found them.
  12. NickAu

    Charity Project

    Thanks. As its a charity I got small cheaper plants, They will grow.
  13. Sorry for the silly novice question. In the first photo that beautiful black male, I notice he has holes in his fins, Is that damage due to mating etc or fin rot or is it normal?
  14. A while ago I was asked to look after a fish tank by a local Charity. Here is what I had Tank size. 170 cm Long, 50 High, 45 wide. For a grand total of 383 Litres. 84 Imperial Gallons, 101 Us Gallons. PH. 6.4. Ammonia 0.25 Nitrite 0.0 Nitrate 0.0 30 January 2015 I did a few mods at first. Then scrapped the idea. I took the fish to a local fish shop and started again. Jump forward to today.
  15. Yes it is unusual, I got some Betta pellets from Pet Barn, That night as I said he put on his usual feed me display, I fed him 3 pelets of the new stuff, He scoffed them down and did his I want more by swiming around the tank flaring a bit looking cute, All was well, He swam off into his plants when I went to turn the tank light off he didnt realy come out to say good night. In the morning he was in his sleeping spot among the floating fox tail dead. I cried. I gave his body to my Pitcher Plant. When I went to my local fish shop, R&J Aquatics, I was telling the guy about it, he asked to see the pellets, so I took them in, The guy said they were out of date by nearly 6 months and did not smell "right". I threw out all the food and treats I had for Microsoft, and got fresh stuff from the fish shop, The guy even had me bring in a sample of my tank water that he tested in the shop everything was fine. Then he gave( not sold but gave) me Yobbo, And sold me fresh food and treats for him. I also got a few big silk plants from the shop. I do not know if it was the food or not. However I am never going to buy anything from Pet Barn again, This is the second time they have sold me dodgy products, The first being that verigated plant Bettarazzi Warned me about here, http://www.ausaqua.net/index.php/topic/15869-my-2-foot-betta-tank/?p=176956 From now on I will only buy stuff from the Aquatics shop, He may be a bit more expensive, But the guy has 5 display tanks with bettas in them, and he wont sell you stuff unless he uses it in his tanks. In his shop you wont see anything with " Fix " on it eg Bettafix. He says there is no such thing as fix in a bottle. Good clean warm water, Good food, Indian Almond leaf, Is all you need to keep the fish healthy.
  16. I got him from a fish shop in Lismore Nsw Some of those plants are silk. The black substrate is CaribSea Eco Complete Planted Substrate. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/CaribSea-Eco-Complete-Planted-Substrate-9kg-Live-version-Coarse-/261764497702?pt=AU_Pet_Supplies&hash=item3cf2614126 I have a bunch of live plants in the tank Just that nothing is big yet, As the live Plants grow I will remove the silk ones. Sorry about Photo Quality I am using a Iphone, I loaned my camera to a friend.
  17. This is Yobbo. I did a few tank mods.
  18. Sad news. Microsoft died a few days ago. He was quite happy on the last night, Put on his usual feed me show, I gave him 2 pellets he ate them and all was well. In the morning when I turned on the tank light he was still in his usual sleeping spot dead. All the water params are fine, The shrimp and snails are fine. I am devastated, but it looks like he went in his sleep, and did not suffer. I will be getting another Betta, I also remodelled the tank a bit.
  19. I want to add a 3d background to my tank, They are made from a non toxic resin coated foam. Has anybody used these? are they safe with fish? I know they claim its safe but I never trust the advertising. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-3D-Aquarium-Background-High-Quality-Resin-2-FT-Standard-60-x-45-CMS-Rocks-/350937243820?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item51b57d60ac
  20. Some leaves started to melt after 3 days
  21. Thanks for that and i also found out the hard way. I got it from Petbarn, I took what was left of it back and demanded and got my $5.90 back.
  22. Microsoft did some renovations LOL
  23. I saw that on another forum and as I am only new to fishkeeping I had no idea. Only been doing it 4 months now. My guy has made his first bubble nest. So all is good in fish world?
  24. Well I put 6 cherry shrimp in the tank $3.50 each a few days ago, At least Microsoft enjoyed eating them, I know he got 2 for sure I have not seen the other 4 in a few days now. Yes the powerhead vac is a neat idea, There are also some great ideas regarding moving bed filters, tank scaping etc. Some bad ideas too. Stuff like this.
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