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Newbie in Melbourne -


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Hi all! My name is Devon, and I live in Melbourne's northern suburbs. My husband is new to the fish game, but I've had fish before. We now have two set-ups:

Our main set-up is a 125L tank in our front room. I got it off a seasoned aquarist on eBay and am VERY happy with it! We're getting the last bits of decor sorted before we start cycling it. This set-up is going to have a feng shui theme to it. I bought this awesome gold resin dragon that I'm sealing up to be fish safe, and we're going to have 8 "gold" fish and 1 black fish...possibly 9 neons as well. I'm hoping for all Asian varieties of freshwater tropicals.

Our other tank is a 10L tank in my home office whose only inhabitant is a beautiful male crowntail betta. I just introduced him into the tank today. He has a deep blue body with a nice peacock sheen and vivid red fins and tail. He's a very active little man and I adore him! I love all fish, but I especially love bettas. If money and space were no object, I'd have a huge set-up with a bunch of 10-15L betta tanks.

I guess that's about it. =) Looking forward to participating in the forum!

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