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Found 3 results

  1. Dan

    Betta Mama

    VID_277600428_042911_307.mp4 Hello! I live in Brisbane with my Betta, Jerome, cat Opal and dog Bounder. I also have a husband who is reasonably more self-sufficient 😂 unless he needs to find something... I'm here because Jerome looked like he had a tumour and he was a little rusty under his chin? 🤔 I'm on my 2nd dose of Multi Cure and whilst his tank is nice and green his tumour hasn't popped? Like I was hoping and he's still a bit rusty. I'm not even sure that rust wasn't there when I got him. I'm not an expert, I've Googled a lot. He lives in a 20L tank with a mussel called Mike and some amazon swords, java ferns and anubias. Currently he's living in darkness with his tank at a refreshing 32 degrees celcius. He has a powkoo filter which is giving some aeration. He's lively and eating fine. So I'm here to copy and paste this onto the correct thread when I'm approved (if I'm approved) 😂 Thanks, Dan(ielle) Jerome below ❤️ VID_277600428_042911_307.mp4
  2. Hi all! My name is Devon, and I live in Melbourne's northern suburbs. My husband is new to the fish game, but I've had fish before. We now have two set-ups: Our main set-up is a 125L tank in our front room. I got it off a seasoned aquarist on eBay and am VERY happy with it! We're getting the last bits of decor sorted before we start cycling it. This set-up is going to have a feng shui theme to it. I bought this awesome gold resin dragon that I'm sealing up to be fish safe, and we're going to have 8 "gold" fish and 1 black fish...possibly 9 neons as well. I'm hoping for all Asian varieties of freshwater tropicals. Our other tank is a 10L tank in my home office whose only inhabitant is a beautiful male crowntail betta. I just introduced him into the tank today. He has a deep blue body with a nice peacock sheen and vivid red fins and tail. He's a very active little man and I adore him! I love all fish, but I especially love bettas. If money and space were no object, I'd have a huge set-up with a bunch of 10-15L betta tanks. I guess that's about it. =) Looking forward to participating in the forum!
  3. Hi there all! I have been pinteresting acquascaped tanks for a few months now and I will admit that I am getting a bit obsessed! So I've decided that its time to get my own little acqcascape going. I know very little about this though so I will need some help. I've read up on a few things but im also not quite sure on the types or where to buy them, I'm in Sydney so any advice will be great. I'm keeping these fish at the moment: - 2x Bristlenose - bunch of Khuli loaches - Mollies - Guppies - Bumblebee Gobies - Corydoras - tetras I want: - I like a foresty type of look, lots of driftwood, something peaceful and easy to maintain - Sea sand - my khuli's like this, I currently have medium sized river sand/gravel, any ideas where i can get sand for cheap? Equipment: My tank is 70 wide x 30 deep x 45 tall and is about 90 litres. I have a submerged filter heater 2x LED 13W 6500K 1055lm 75mA lamps with timers I need more information on: - the types of plants that are best to use. - Substrates, what to buy and where to buy - where I can find driftwood thats not going to cost me an arm and a leg... Or what alternatives are there? Also any tips that you have will be greatly appreciated! Heaps excited to get started :-)
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