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some of our endler hybrids...


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Just sharing some of our endler guppy hybruids.
tehy are really hard to photograph and theres so many names its a bit confusing but im planning to do a bit more research on patterns and colour genetics so maybe that will tidy it up a bit :P

Pink platinums also sometimes called a blonde scarlet..
I got these from a breeder in queensland the first lot of fry were hybridised with gold leaopard which resulted in a fair few neon oranges or 'pink' leopards. cute but not what i was going for. so a melbournite has the offspring. theyve recently dropped new fry though which should be more like the parents as the parents have been seperated from any otehr fish (besides cories) for 4 montsh now.

This is ayoung male same strain the red layer comes in first the blonde or platinum over lay which makes them appear the baby pink/fairy floss colour comes in later

Hybrid gold patterns. we have a mix of tigers, leopards and snakeskins.

Neon tuxedos.
chest is one colour, back half is black like there in some groovy orange and black tux.

Japanese blues.
this isnt my photo of them but they are my newest strain from a different queensland breeder :) i adore them

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The pink platinums have been looking wonderful lately
In two tanks at the moment so the Juvies are growing up well and the adults are doing adult things (babies many many babies).



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