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Some Of My Male Bettas

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I admire these fish not only for their splendid looks, but because they are clever, ruthless and like to live in solitude. These all came from Aquariums, so not sure of the breed, so any feedback would be great :)

This guy has a double tail fin:


Not the greatest photo, but I'm pretty sure this guy is a Crowntail...and a big one at that.


Angry little...Fan Tail? image_zpsf92c4597.jpg

Mustard Halfmoon?


I'm at a loss with this guy...the owners if the Aquarium I went to had gone home and some putz was there who sold this guy to me for almost nothing....but I HAD to have him. Look at him! He's sitting there saying..."I'm fabulous! What of it?"


Thanks for taking the time :D

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Very nice. :)

1st - not sure?

2nd - Crowntail

3rd - Veiltail?

4th - Halfmoon

5th - Veiltail

I'm probably wrong on 3 & 5 LOL.

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