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  1. Day 3 of cycling the breeding tank. Nice and humid in there with some java fern, java moss, duckweed, anubius. Ammonia is gone. Temp is up. Looking good through my eyes! Male and Female eating bloodworms! It's all happening! How often do I feed them bloodworms and in what quantity? Coz my fish are pigs. Hahaha
  2. Legends I'm pretty excited now. Even if I don't succeed, it's going to be a hell of an experience! I'm off to Boronia today to pick up some IAL, some more plants and some food to start conditioning Awesome photos Jay! Thanks for all your input Razzi as always....thank you muchly!
  3. I should also ask, is there any particular plant that I should look at getting or just as much live plant life I can fit in comfortably? And about a nesting area for the male. Just to be clear...is a lily pad style plant better than say...bubble wrap etc? And thank you very much First bub for me, so pretty excited!
  4. Awesome guys Thanks heaps! I have the breeding tank on an adjustable height table- set low - so I can access the tank easily. I have started to cycle the tank today with a the tank filled as per razzis suggestion. Have got some Java fern and duckweed in there with a sponge filter and heater set. Will add some more plants tomorrow when I pick up some brine shrimp. Would live brine shrimp be better as opposed to frozen blackworms? I will condition both male and female while the tank cycles. Should I condition the male while he is in the breeding tank away from the others so he has less distraction and can get familiar with his new surroundings?
  5. Thanks razzi She won't notice....until I have 40 jars of fry in the spare room. Haha
  6. BTW I hope I count on you all to keep this quiet...the other half really doesn't want me to start breeding. I mean...we are 12 weeks pregnant ourselves, so she believes we've done enough on that subject. This internet thing isn't that popular right? lol ;)
  7. OK! Now the male and female have settled in, I'm going to set up the breeding tank. Will this work or s it much too big? It's pretty much 40cm x 40cm x 40cm. I am such a softy...I keep looking at those two in the tank and it's breaking my heart to have them split. They loooove each other. Hahaha.
  8. Speaking of which...they're up to their usual antics right now! Snapped these 2 minutes ago!
  9. I got a email on my phone when you posted this msg and all I wanted to do was go home and start some fish sexy time with the Mustard and the Female. Hahaha As you can see from the pic, they are in the same tank with another 2 males ( it's a custom built large 4 way split tank with heater/filter in a compartment in the rear.) They already seem very fond of each other - spending a lot of time together in the same spot against the glass, with he male showing off every now and again. :)
  10. Here's a bit of a cheat for ppl who don't have a macro lens or a high power zoom camera with adjustable shutter speed - If you have a quality camera that takes high quality video, it's a lot easier to shoot a 2 minute video of said fish and then scroll/pause/screenshot the best shots That's how I get most of my shots oh and welcome to the Betta addiction! Oh! And coburg usually has some nice Betta's too. Great variety of everything and anything in store! I have a few fish from that store :)
  11. Greetings once again all! Being the first time attempting to breed I wanted to get some advice on what would be the ideal mate for this little lady RE: colour etc. Thanks again
  12. Sounds like a case of Ick. You are correct in raising the temp above 29 Celsius. I'm not an expert but I am told If you choose to teat with salt, add 1 tsp/gal (3.7 litres) Aquarium Salt 3 times, 12 hours apart so that you end up with 3 times the normal concentration. Perform daily 100% water changes to remove fallen parasites before they can reproduce. Replace the water with the right amount of salt. Do not continue this treatment for more than 14 days. There are also treatments you can buy from your aquarium to treat Ick, but I'm not sure how effective they are. Hopefully someone can confirm.
  13. I admire these fish not only for their splendid looks, but because they are clever, ruthless and like to live in solitude. These all came from Aquariums, so not sure of the breed, so any feedback would be great This guy has a double tail fin: Not the greatest photo, but I'm pretty sure this guy is a Crowntail...and a big one at that. Angry little...Fan Tail? Mustard Halfmoon? I'm at a loss with this guy...the owners if the Aquarium I went to had gone home and some putz was there who sold this guy to me for almost nothing....but I HAD to have him. Look at him! He's sitting there saying..."I'm fabulous! What of it?" Thanks for taking the time :D
  14. So in my search for a definitive amswer on these heaters, i'm happy to say that you were all right! The major point being that heaters that small, to maintain the set temperature of 26°C the maximum difference between the ambient and set temperature has to be less than 5°C. Thanks again to all of you :)
  15. Thanks for the info and feedback guys I think Maddie has hit it on the head. The tank is only a 9 litre duo betta tank, and they are kept n the kitchen area which at night in winter can drop down to 11 degrees. With a small tank there really is no feasible spot to out both a heater and a filter. The heat matt sounds like the perfect solution. I actually have a small one I just found from my days when I had bearded dragons. As when the Nano heater DO work, it heats both sides of the duo tank, even with the glass partition in place. A few of my Betta's
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