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Hi from another Melbourne newbie


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Hi everyone,

Came across this site from a google search about Betta breeding. Its something my partner wants to get into so here we are. I've had tanks for years and this is her 3rd. I'm no longer doing freshwater tanks and have gone into marine reefs.

Anyway thats all I guess



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Hey Will and mysteriously unannounced partner :)

First good move - coming here - lots of excellent information and lots of excellent people with massive experience in breeding and raising Betta. Not all of them are around all of the time, but there's usually one or two who can help out with any of you, or your partners, questions :)

Second fortunate move - being in Melbourne, you should take an evening and look in at the Vic Betta club. Lots of nice people, lots of information, and a good place to start getting together the items and cultures you'll need for starting your breeding programs :)

Feel free to throw up Marine photos in the Coffee Shop (if we don't actually have a marine thread). We love photos, and we don't really care what fishy scene they depict - we'll be happy anyway :)

Welcome to the forum!

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What's Jess' Betta breeding goals...we might be able to point her in the right direction for stock. As for the barracks, maybe Maddie, James, or Miss M will be better suited to throwing up suggestions (they sell the things :) )

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She wants to get her experience up to breeding Half Moons and Plakats after seeing some pics on Aquabid.

She's has no experience with egg laying fish, and has only target bred guppies etc. She knows we need live food cultures ie. Micro worms, vinegar eels etc.

I'd say we're going to be attending the table show day which is going to be a great day.

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Hi Will,

Welcome to Ausaqua, there are several bustling Betta communities around Australia - and as Brenton kindly mentioned, Victoria Betta is the Southern state group.
The website is here

The facebook page is here

and the next meet is nearly here! July 27th will be the next meeting, this will include a table show (many of the fish on show will be for sale from breeders/showers)
you also get to meet the lovely lot of buddies that are VB members. Feel free to come along (bring Jess) and have a look around, the day starts form 12:30 and we have various activities on during the day.

/shameless spruke.


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