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Hello all,

I'm from Sydney and I have been keeping bettas for years. It has been great to see the community grow and chance producing some really high quality bettas that were never available when I first entered the hobby as a child.

I've recently become particularly interested in the wild type bettas and I'm searching for a pair of B. Macrostoma. If you have any or have leads to some please yell out.

I'm looking forwards to sharing experiences with you all.



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If youve never kept wilds before I'd suggest starting on a different species. For the price Macs are, it would be very sad to see anything happen to them.

There are some species very similar but much lower price tag where you can learn from any mistakes.

My first wilds were betta Unimaculata. We bought 5. Put them in a tank, cling wrapped the whole thing, then put cover glass on.

The next morning we found two dried up on the ground. Found they had jumped onto a ledge, crawled along some glass, and then out of the tank.

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