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  1. salty

    Calling wild keepers

    Hi all, its been along time since anyone really posted and I'd like to do a "pulse check" on the wild betta keepers in Australia. With the new import rules coming into play, I've seen less and less wilds available. With that in mind... If you're currently keeping bettas, please raise your hand with the list of bettas you are keeping
  2. salty

    Another member

    Hello all, I'm from Sydney and I have been keeping bettas for years. It has been great to see the community grow and chance producing some really high quality bettas that were never available when I first entered the hobby as a child. I've recently become particularly interested in the wild type bettas and I'm searching for a pair of B. Macrostoma. If you have any or have leads to some please yell out. I'm looking forwards to sharing experiences with you all. Cheers, Salty