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Any Betta keepers in the ACT?


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Hi everyone,

I have been a member of the forums here for a few years but got out of fish keeping when i moved to Canberra.

Now that i have been here for a while i am keen to get back into it.

I have kept all sorts of fish (E.g. Cichlids, tetras, gouramis, loaches, rainbowfish and of course Bettas) in the past but i would like to concentrate more on the Betta side of things. I especially find the breeding and genetics most interesting (Studying environmental science at uni).

More to the point, are there any other Betta enthusiasts living in Canberra? As i have not met any and would be cool to chat with some locals.

I would also like to pick up some new Bettas if anyone is breeding. The LFS here gets in HMs every now and then but i haven't heard from them in a few months.



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Hey Mitch - sorry - not in the ACT, but I'm in the same boat in SA (not many South Ozzies on the forum).

Most of the breeders around the place are happy to ship fish, but there are businesses/individuals who also trade in fish who are happy to send fish...users JHA and MissM on here, Lodo, FIshChicks, all work with fish and would be happy to post.

But persevere, someone will turn up local at some point :)

Welcome to the forum :)

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You can possibly get in touch with serkan he keeps a lot of killifish but also has some wild bettas and plenty of knowledge plus local hobbiests he can point you too

Also Holger at second nature aquariums I know its orange not Canberra buts he's a lovely fella and all his anks are inspirational To visit

And yes plenty if people on here are happy to ship fish :)

( also keep your eyes peeled in may for the Vic beta inc show fish :))

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Victoria Betta website. And their facebook page.

Defs visit holger he's absolutely lovely and keeps some awesome fish. If you head to the coast same thing goes for jaylee of course :)

It's in Melbourne but its open to anyone who wants to attend and all the international and some local entrants get auctioned off so there's some great fish and we will be trying to make the auction interstate friendly :)

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