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Sponge filter comparisons


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I've got a few tanks with trickle filters, and another couple of tanks that I am looking at putting sponge filters in. I breed fancy guppies and I've found they don't like strong currents due to the size of their tails and the effort to swim added by the current. I got an aquaOne sponge filter that seems like it will be suitable. They are fairly cheap, but as I'm wanting to get a few more tanks, keeping the costs as low as possible is important to me. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with cheap brands from ebay like this one?


Also, when using sponge filters do I have to be careful how much water remove at each water change so as not to dilute the biological process?

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dont over complicate it. ;)
plenty of sponges cheaper than aqua-ones especially if you buy a few (plus no postage when its local )
we mostly run the XY sponges no problems. as for biological function i wont lie we mostly use them to prevent having tanks of stagnant water.
plants and water changes remove more ammonia than most filters
good bacteria is on everything in your tanks, plants, rocks, driftwood and your sponge of course and water changes shouldnt affect it dramatically.
make sure every few weeks you do give the sponge a good squeeze and rinse though :)
if your concerned re: water changes, you can always test it. gradually increase the water your changing and look for signs of stress in the fish after each increase till you find a level you and the fish agree on :)

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I use very similar small sponge filters I get from Hong Kong for zero postage. No issues

Bacteria will be fine during water changes.

When you give the filters an occasional rinse, use treated water - not straight from the tap.

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