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Greetings from Belgium


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Hello everybody, I'm a new member of AusAqua :)

My name is Sarah and I bought my very first Betta one week ago. I've been dreaming to have one of these for years but I never did because I knew that Bettas could not live with other fishies..

I kept 2 different tanks (-+40 liters and the other one 130 liters) with my brother, I always dreamed to have my own aquarium one day...

anyways, last month I bought my own tank (rather small, 20 liters) and my first Betta : Apple.




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Hi sarah,
welcome to the forum! we hope you love bettas.
apple has some really nice coolour to him :)
also as you look around you'll see some of us do keep bettas with other fish.
Including sorority tanks of female bettas, wild betta species can be maintained in group, and even lone males can be kept with most tetra or cory species no issue (though there are exceptions)

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