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  1. i just changed his water today but before the change it was 0 ammonia and 3.0 nitrite. Thanks for your suggestion, I usually use AQ salt but I just googled flukes and its not something that can be prevented by salt. so I will definitely check into that! he's stopped darting around his tank since my last post but it will be good to check. i have a quick question for anyone though.. ive seen on the internet, pictures of people handling their fish physically to assess the health. such as holding the fish, touching it, opening its gills, etc. this doesnt seem safe to me but i wanted to ask if this was common practice (if you had clean hands etc)? i dont know anything about fish care in terms of veterinary stuff. i'm a nurse so personally i would be okay with touching a fish but i dont want to touch him if its not safe for him.
  2. He's got a stack of hollowed rocks and also a trunk/log thingy. He used to sleep in only his rock caves, but with the bigger tank he rarely visits his hiding spots anymore. So far I have only counted on the almond leaf extract for his fins but he still seems stressed. For the most part, he is swimming around his tank as usual and looks happy. And then maybe once or twice a day he'll have a spasm of jolting around the tank. I've checked for illnesses but I can't really pin point it on anything. I've checked to see if it's velvet/ick but it doesn't seem like it. I think his fins are starting to get a bit sore (his dorsal particularly) and he's been jolting whenever it touches surface air. He started chewing up his tails and then I didn't really know what to do other than try to get his attention when I see him do it. I have betta-fix, like melafix, but I haven't resorted to using it yet because he doesn't adapt well to it. I have a very small bowl that the pet store gave me, but it doesn't look big enough. Feels like a 1Litre bowl. I've left him in there during tank cleanings, and he actually looks super calm in the bowl and never attempts tail-biting in there. But as soon as he's in the big tank he just wants to chew away. :l Bit of a mystery...
  3. Thanks guys. An update picture today of how I found him with no dorsal (bit of dust on the side of the tank from the day): He is living in a 20 litre tank alone. He used to have two guppies in there because I wanted to test his personality, the guppies were a bland pale orange/grey but he still didn't like them. He couldn't get along with them even after I gave him time to adjust, so they were removed from the tank. He used to live in a 13 litre tank, a small bowl. After he moved to the 20 litre tank I think he started to tail-bite : There's nothing I can do at the moment though since my sister has another fish in his old tank so he can't go back to it. I think for now all I can do is wait it out : Might see if anything changes if I get him a 10 litre tank again, but for now it's sort of like watching him lose his fins day after day.
  4. Might look into getting a tank mate, though haven't decided yet. Most suitable tank mates seem to be schoaling fish and I only have a 5 gallon. First time I had him, he didnt tail bite much, though he did come with torn ventrals, which I assume he may have bitten at the pet store. For a long time he was doing good and then he started again lol. Hopefully I can find something I can add to his tank. If not, oh well.. time will tell i suppose.
  5. wow i can't believe my fish is actually EATING his fins. just found him with two-thirds of his dorsal fin missing and he was pooping out red which i guess is the color of the fins he ate i cant find any of his fins on the tank floor so... sigh that is depressing @_@
  6. First thought was that his fins were getting snagged on his rock caves but I caught him in the act! Seems like there's not really much I can do... Any suggestions? I hope he gets bored of it soon. His ventral fins have always been ripped since the pet store, but his tail fins used to be in perfect condition.
  7. My red male betta is in his 20L tank. My little sister has his old bowl, the 13L, and it has a small female crowntail in it (I think this female was sold way too young, she had no colour at the pet store when she first went on sale, but by the time we were ready to buy her, her fins had turned orange/red and her body turned white). She is about 1.2 inches in body length. We're not that worried about her gills at the moment but it's something we've been looking at for a while. I can't really tell. I wanted a second opinion about her colour.. whether or not she's trying to grow more colour or if she looks a bit inflamed. Here are photos of her, maybe 2 weeks ago. Sorry for the bad angle, it was hard to get a good picture without making her jolt away. Her gills started to get a bit pinky (when we got her, they were white). And here's some pictures of her from today. It was hard to take, she kept swimming around to avoid the camera's focus. She looks like she's blushing intensely. I've also noticed that she has a gold-tinted speckled pattern covering her whole body now, which she didn't have before. I know about velvet but I think velvet is supposed to look like dust or sand. She looks like she is trying to grow colour but can't. I don't know. You can only see it visibly from a top-down view, but she won't sit still. also bonus pic of jasper's new tank
  8. Ok sorry for the late reply got caught up with exams at uni. After my last post, I kind of just left my fish for a couple more days to see how he would go. He ended up finally doing a huge poop and I guess it's my first time seeing betta poop because it's so different to goldfish poop. So I think this whole time I've just never seen him poop because of the way bettas do it. I didn't end up treating him with anything, I think he should be okay and that I shouldn't worry too much about the white stuff coming from his anus. It's hard to get a picture of, since my phone camera has this crazy auto-focus that can't recognize my betta's butt. I read some people's accounts of having a male betta with a white spot, similiar to the female's egg spot, which is weird, but they all said it was normal, so maybe that's just it. He doesn't seem bothered and acts like a normal fish so unless he starts spazzing out, I won't worry about parasites. I kept him in the smaller bowl for about a week, most of that time was spent fasting and eating peas, then he was put into the bigger tank and he is doing good now. The tank is also clean, it went through the same thing though -- the little tiny white worm things in the water. But that cleared up after about 2 days. Thank you so much for your help it has really offered a lot of insight from someone more experienced than I am. My 20 Litre tank still hasn't fully cycled, the spikes are a bit random but I can manage it with the weekly water changes and monitoring. My fish gets too excited when his tank water is getting changed because it's the same day he gets bloodworms, so his silly displays are really cute
  9. His 12.5Litre tank really did lose it's cycle. I decided to move him from the small tank to a 20Litre tank that I had left sitting for 2 weeks. I didn't plan on him being in there until it was fully cycled, but with his small tank starting over I decided it was better to move him now... His 20 Litre tank is doing okay with it's cycle, just like his old tank it was started with QuickStart. But now I'm dealing with issues that were there from the beginning but were not obvious enough for me to notice it. Because my fish has not pooped in forever, and I only noticed this when I moved him to a temporary 1 gallon bowl while I was switching tanks. When acclimating him, I decided to leave him in the bowl for a day, I changed the water a couple of times, but every time I changed the water, there was no poop at all. And his anus is all white which I have heard is a sign of internal/external parasites, dunno which one. It would also explain why my fish was always so eager to eat every time; he would come to feeding time with a starving appetite and would viciously eat everything I gave him, even would eat the goldfish flake I left out for my snail when he was already quite full. So anyway I guess I will deal with this matter now. I am keeping him in a small bowl for now with clean water, AQ salt, a little bit of leaf extract. He was tail-biting in his big tank so I am also healing that. I am looking into the medications list and will probably start treating him for parasites once I am certain that he has them. For now, I am just a fish owner waiting for her fish to poo. Thanks for all your help guys I have learned so much on this forum
  10. Thanks for the list my tap water is usually all 0's I think. I just did a water change, hopefully it will go down. Is it worth it to use ammonia lock, or is that bad for my fish tank when it lost the cycle?
  11. hmm.. i have an api test kit for ph, high ph, ammonia, nitrite/nitrates, and then i got an additional test kit for gh and kh hardness ... last night when i saw these worms, the water had 2.0 ammonia i was thinking of changing it first thing in the morning since it was pretty late, but i tested it when i woke up and it was 1.0, so seems to be dropping without my interference.. not sure if i should still do a water change or not as of this post, my water is 1.0 ammonia and 1.0 nitrite... 0 nitrate. i think i am going to change my water just a bit, maybe 25% and see how it goes.. but im hesitant because of this cycle.. maybe ill just wait a little bit.. so indecisive. i actually feel a bit relieved to see a bit of nitrite, maybe my tank just hasnt cycled long enough for the nitrates, but i feel like it's going somewhere. i dont have much of a first aid kit.. i only have bettafix and anti-bacterial, have a small bottle of leaf extract which i got as a bonus to my bulk purchase, i think im going to the store maybe next week to see if they have anything for the water itself, just in case my tank blooms into complete chaos lol. the gravel of my tank has been fairly clean (for a fish tank), and as a bowl, the gravel is pretty thin layered oops.. was i supposed to clean the filter before putting it in my tank? i replaced my filter with a new one completely (the carbon, the powerhead, tube) because my last one got wrecked. i regret it now, i should have kept the old sponge ..
  12. thank you thank you thank you.. my betta has been acting normal i think.. the only reason why i noticed these things is because my betta looked like he was rubbing his nose on the glass back and forth .. i looked closer and he was actually eating these wormy things been looking all over google, i had to decide between planaria and nematodes but i think these are nematodes... just the way they look to me and the pictures on google.. my tank doesnt have much (its 3.3 gallon technically)... it has fake silk plants, granite rock caves, $5 packet of plain black gravel from the petstore... and couple of crystals .. after i saw these wormy suckers, i immediately took my snail from his feeding container and dropped him back into the tank, he's climbing around eating these things but he's a very small snail so i dont think he'll do much. a wiki page said that nematodes appear in newly cycled tanks but my tank has been running for maybe 3 months now.. then i remembered.. last week i had to change the whole filter out, maybe i did it wrong.. i thought my tank would be okay as long as my new filter would have the old water running through it... now seeing these worms on the glass i am convinced i must have lost my cycle and maybe that explains their appearance.. ugh this sucks >.< i will watch this tank super closely the next 3 days to see what happens.. i hate it when i have to worry i just feel so bad for my fish
  13. im soo sorry for asking so much! if your tank started with quickstart API, are you supposed to see the ''bacteria'' ( i am guessing NO! right? ... ) i dont know.. i have to know if its normal or not I fed my fish bloodworms today and now tiny little white things are floating around the water. I didn't even notice it until I looked waaaay closer, in the light. and on the glass they are crawling around and moving so i know its not just water particles. i just saw one floating around and then it split into two! what the! the size of them, they don't even reach a millimetre... and when they do, they just split in half! its too hard to take pictures of these things they are like micro organisms x_x and i know thats normal for a tank but can you see it with your eyes for real.... im scared q_q what did i do wrong ... will my fish die now edit: i kept looking and looking online. i really want to know what these are! arrrghghhh then this other website suggested they may be nermatodes (not sure if im allowed to link to other forum sites so i wont for now)... sigh v_v my tank was doing so well and then.. bam.. wormies and things...
  14. :c it's a small mystery snail, the size of... well the slug part is the size of a 10c coin and the shell is probably the same. my betta ate it's eye once but then never tried to eat it again, usually just flares at it sometimes but not all the time. thanks for the info, so nice to be able to hear from other peoples experiences and knowledge i will probably leave the snail in if my betta is okay with flaring sometimes. i was worried that he'd flare at the snail all day while im gone ... ahh but now im sure he would probably just get bored of it and stop.
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