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  1. Wow he's so gorgeous! I am also on my first betta (12 liters). I hope you find them as lovely to take care of as I do. Welcome
  2. Thanks! It's been a day since the fake plants were put in and he has been working on a bubble nest on one of the surface leaves. I was so surprised.
  3. Thanks You're right, I don't have air con.. I've lived in Cairns all my life so anything below 25*c in my room temperature feels like frostbite to me I never thought about our tropical differences. funny actually, on the way home I bought a heater mat for my bowl because I was worried it was too cold for him, and before I opened the box, I put in the tank thermometer, googled the recommended temps, and found that my water was wayyy too warm already. haha.. I did notice the internal thermometer going up to 32 after I moved the bubbles further away from it. I didn't know my air stone coul
  4. I'm not a professional breeder or showcaser or anything. I love my betta veiltail. I know he's nothing like a show-quality half-moon or crowntail but he has so much personality and he's so lovely. Just wanted to share a couple of pictures. The bowl tank. It's a 13L bowl but there's 12.5L of water currently. It used to have live Yellow Ivy plants. They grew roots up to the top and the whole tank just became this massive flower pot of floating leaves and dirt. I got rid of the plant and just put in a couple of small fake silks. The glass bowl magnifies everything inside it, I really like
  5. My betta seems okay with his tank usually being at a constant 29*c -> 31*c. From what I've read this is a bit warmer than the recommended temp range; but the water is naturally like this just sitting in the bowl with no heater. The weather is pretty mild up in Cairns, the temps are usually the same all year around except for when the solstice comes. There's a heat spike and then a cold spike so I'm thinking that maybe when true summer comes along, my tank will get higher than probably 35*c. I know I shouldn't worry about it too much yet but I was wondering how should I keep my tank cool
  6. thank you! i'm happy i found the right kind of fish to keep in this tank size and i was really surprised that my betta was so smart too. they are the best
  7. Good evening everyone My name is Chantelle, I just turned 21 and I'm from Cairns QLD. I have only just recently gotten into the hobby of fish keeping. When I was little, my parents had a huge aquarium full of goldfish, fantails, snails, some other interesting breeds and what not. After they had to sell the tank when I was 13, I didn't think much of it until I suddenly really want to keep fish again. They sold it because it was a very very large tank, and with everyone growing up they found hardly any time to keep maintaining it with their busy schedules. I really needed a friend I cou
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