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Fundulopanchax gardneri


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I have a couple pairs of nothobranchius guentheri on the way so hope to get those going as well. Already have a heap of the F. gardneri eggs "eyed' up so waiting for those to pop out.

what do you species do you have at the moment maddzvk?

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i've seen serkan's nothobranchius guentheri photos they are stunning!
and from someone you'll have eggs in no time :P

species we have im still getting userd to the actual names rather than common...
blue panchax (aplocheilus panchax)
gold panchax (aplocheilus lineatus gold)
werneri killifish (aplocheilus werneri werneri)
dayi killifish (aplocheilus werneri dayi)
blockii killifish (aplocheilus werneri blockii)-gorgeous little cuties they remind me of sparkling gourami a little
aphyosemion australe gold
epiplatys annulatus (clown killis)
Aphyosemion bitaenatum lagos

im hoping to get a few more in the next few months, splendopleure, ijebu ode, gardneri again (probably makurdi) maybe striatum and australe chocolate too. spose we will see how i go for tank space :P

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