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Hello :)


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My name is Amanda & I'm from Adelaide.

I currently have 3 tank setups! Tank 1 is an Aquaone 980T Community Tank with Gold White Clouds, a couple different types of Rams, Colored Widows, a couple different Bristlenoses, couple flying foxes & a few female Bettas! Tank 2 is an Aquaone Trio housing my 3 beautiful male Bettas - Black CT named Newbie, Mustard Gas HM named Neptune & Black, Red & Blue CT named Poseidon! Tank 3 is an Aquaone Ecostyle 42 which currently has 1 peppermint bristlenose, 3 gold white clouds. When my newest addition (HM Opac White Male Betta) from Indonesia arrives this will also be his new home :)

All 3 tanks have real plants growing well. We use to use fake ones, but they didnt have the desired effect we were after! I cant go past a beautiful real aquatic plant!

Since started to keep fish again just over 12 months ago, i have learnt so much from so many different people. it appears the knowledge you can gain is endless!

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About time you showed up ;)

Welcome to the forum, Amanda. This wonderful young lady is the person who loaned me her Black Orchid Male CT (Newbie) to breed with the Black marble HMPK (Nicknamed HotLips) I got from the equally lovely Ms Leah and Princess Kianna.

The fry are around 8 weeks now and have just been moved to larger accomodations. Ventrals are appearing and lengthing everywhere. I've not seen any signs of iridecense yet....they are doing great! Make sure you have room for the pair you want from this spawn, Amanda.

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