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Hi there all!

I have been pinteresting acquascaped tanks for a few months now and I will admit that I am getting a bit obsessed! So I've decided that its time to get my own little acqcascape going. I know very little about this though so I will need some help. I've read up on a few things but im also not quite sure on the types or where to buy them, I'm in Sydney so any advice will be great.

I'm keeping these fish at the moment:

- 2x Bristlenose

- bunch of Khuli loaches

- Mollies

- Guppies

- Bumblebee Gobies

- Corydoras

- tetras

I want:

- I like a foresty type of look, lots of driftwood, something peaceful and easy to maintain

- Sea sand - my khuli's like this, I currently have medium sized river sand/gravel, any ideas where i can get sand for cheap?


My tank is 70 wide x 30 deep x 45 tall and is about 90 litres.

I have a submerged filter


2x LED 13W 6500K 1055lm 75mA lamps with timers

I need more information on:

- the types of plants that are best to use.

- Substrates, what to buy and where to buy

- where I can find driftwood thats not going to cost me an arm and a leg... Or what alternatives are there?

Also any tips that you have will be greatly appreciated! Heaps excited to get started :-)

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Did you say sydney....Come to SSS for the xmas break up tomorrow!!!

me and James will gladly talk to you about everything fish!!!

Cheap sand: playsand or bunnings has ok sand just be sure to check parameters as some will take longer to cycle than others

Driftwood and plants we have wholesale accounts so we are cheaper than live fish etc

id suggest Mekong river wood If your gonna use lots of small pieces or gold vine if your after one big branchy tree feature piece

What you actually choose to use substrate wise and plant wise will depend on things like your lighting, any co2 (I'd stay steer clear of the co2 for now) and what you want it to look like.

Hopefully that helps a touch but seriously come to SSS at labyrinth tomorrow for a chat everyone's friendly enough and we are up from Melbourne for it ;)

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