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  1. Hi there all! I have been pinteresting acquascaped tanks for a few months now and I will admit that I am getting a bit obsessed! So I've decided that its time to get my own little acqcascape going. I know very little about this though so I will need some help. I've read up on a few things but im also not quite sure on the types or where to buy them, I'm in Sydney so any advice will be great. I'm keeping these fish at the moment: - 2x Bristlenose - bunch of Khuli loaches - Mollies - Guppies - Bumblebee Gobies - Corydoras - tetras I want: - I like a foresty type of look, lots of driftwood, something peaceful and easy to maintain - Sea sand - my khuli's like this, I currently have medium sized river sand/gravel, any ideas where i can get sand for cheap? Equipment: My tank is 70 wide x 30 deep x 45 tall and is about 90 litres. I have a submerged filter heater 2x LED 13W 6500K 1055lm 75mA lamps with timers I need more information on: - the types of plants that are best to use. - Substrates, what to buy and where to buy - where I can find driftwood thats not going to cost me an arm and a leg... Or what alternatives are there? Also any tips that you have will be greatly appreciated! Heaps excited to get started :-)
  2. Amaaazing tank! I'm quite jealous!
  3. I need some of these! Any idea where I can get some in Sydney? Beautiful ones like these I mean ^_^
  4. Haha, I love your shrimp guys! I was contemplating getting some myself but then decided not to as I would need to ship them in from QLD and my last batch of glass shrimp from there died in transit...
  5. Its great to see that you share that view! What a pretty fish. What's its name?
  6. Haha although they are beautiful, I'd feel incredibly bad to have one of them. And the reason is that I cant keep fish in a tiny tank, it makes me feel sad. I know they might be fine and what not, but i'd rather not! Thank you for the warm welcome. I'll check out photobucket!
  7. Thanks Dave! @Matt, I lost some blue/red tetras, rummy-nose tetras, lemon tetras, a khuli loach, guppies, black mollies, a baloon molly, and some other tetra varieties. Thanks for the heads up on balloon mollies, I didn't actually know that! @Zui, I'm down south towards Campbelltown. I lived in Olympic park for a month, I like your area better. lol
  8. Hi Guys, A bit about me, I moved to Sydney about two years ago. I have always had a passion for fish and I'm finally old enough to own them without my parents nagging at me! I guess the fact that I now earn my own money has contributed to that luxury. I currently have an 85L tank with mostly tropical fish. Unfortunately I added a new fish to my aquarium about two weeks ago and she had some sort of illness, so I lost about 20 fish within 24 hours of adding her. I am heartbroken about this! So at the moment I have set up a quarantine tank for future fish. My favourite fishes are Khuli Loaches, Guppies, balloon mollies and anything else that looks fat and squishy. On a bigger scale I love Dugongs! I would love to get into salt-water aquariums one day, but I think I need a bit more experience before I put more lives at stake! I look forward to meeting you all, and thanks for reading!
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