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Adding Pictures Into your Post Since the Recent Upgrade


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To add a picture to your post (as if updating a spawn log or adding pics of fry for size comparisons) you will need a photobucket account or any other picture hosting site.

Once signed up, load up your pictures to your account. To add pictures to a post, it's best to have the photo hosting site in one browser or tab, and the forum in another.

In photobucket, clicking on a picture will open up a page similar to this:


The section circled in red on the right hand side is what we are interested in...

Click on the section titled DIRECT. It should momentarily go yellow and display the text 'Copied'. If not, click in the text box and hold the CTRL key, and then tap the A key. This will highlight all the text for you. Then hold down the CTRL key and tap the C key. This will copy all the text to your computer.

Switch back to the forum. On opening a new post, you will be presented with the toolbar. Click on the 'Image' icon.


This will open a new text box tool


Click in the text box. Hold the CTRL key and tap the V key. This should paste the URL into the textbox for you. Click on the OK button...and voila!



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