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Hey hey from sydney


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Hey all,

so around a year ago I made an account, full to bursting point with my new hopes, ambitions, and dreams for me re commitment to my fish.. and promptly got busy again, let basically everything go down the drain, a promptly forgot my password

So you could call this take 2.0 :P/>

I've been keeping tropical fish for years, starting off with my dad until the whole fish thing became my responsibility. I've dabbled in breeding all the common things, danios, white clouds, kribensis, convict cichlids, swordtails, etcetera, etcetera, and also did a lot of experimental breeding with guppies for example, until I ended up with a whole lot of experimental fish that I just gave away.

I currently have a colony of cherry shrimp, bristlenose, endlers guppy hybrids that I scabbed off someone with a tank full of them haha

And then of course there are my bettas, which are my thang completely... and just had a spawn that went quite 'interestingly', and not in a good way haha, that I'll be posting about once I have approval

Thank you all :)/>

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Welcome aboard, Delavora!

You picked a busy time to relaunch your forum membership. There's an IBC-sanctioned show in Melbourne this weekend so lots of forum members are busy preparing for that, so the forum is a little quiet right now, couple with the AusAqua facebook page seems to have taken off. Feel free to join in the conversation on there as well.

Lots of good people here who are more than willing to help you out with advice and suggestions.

I look forward to hearing about your 'interesting' spawn, but dont forget to post pics (if you have them), we're all suckers for lots of pics :)/>


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BT covered all the bases with his post. vic betta show so we can now post some more :lol:/>

yeah im also intrigued by this interesting spawn

sydney also has the local enthusiast club sydney splendens society which has some lovely people in it and recently became an ibc chapter i believe :)

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