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  1. The next tank project I'm planning is a high tech planted tank. The tank is 4 foot (120cm) length x 50cm height x 40 width, meaning its capacity would be about 180L. I plan on using a specialised plant substrate (not quite sure which yet) and a high powered T5 light fitting, and a co2 setup, to grow a foreground carpet of mainly Lilaeopsis microswords, and smaller crypts moving back into the focal point of branching driftwood with moss, surrounded by larger crypts and amazon swords which will give way to a background curtain of vallisneria. It's all very exciting :cheer:/> For stocking, I'm thinking a school of cories, I'm thinking peppered for bottom dwellers, and a group of around 6 wildtype angelfish. My thinking in the way of schooling fish was some kind of tetra - silvertip, black neon, etc... but then the thought of rainbows occurred to me - I've loved Australian Rainbows since I first discovered them, particularly Pacific Blue Eyes and Spotted Blueyes, but I've never actually kept them. SO in short my question would be surrounding stocking advice. Does anyone have any experience of keeping Pacific Blue eyes with Angelfish? I'd be buying all the fish as juveniles, and Pacific Blue eyes apparently grow to about 7cm, do you think this would be big enough to keep them safe from the Angels as time goes on? Cheers
  2. Hey all, so around a year ago I made an account, full to bursting point with my new hopes, ambitions, and dreams for me re commitment to my fish.. and promptly got busy again, let basically everything go down the drain, a promptly forgot my password So you could call this take 2.0 :P/> I've been keeping tropical fish for years, starting off with my dad until the whole fish thing became my responsibility. I've dabbled in breeding all the common things, danios, white clouds, kribensis, convict cichlids, swordtails, etcetera, etcetera, and also did a lot of experimental breeding with guppies for example, until I ended up with a whole lot of experimental fish that I just gave away. I currently have a colony of cherry shrimp, bristlenose, endlers guppy hybrids that I scabbed off someone with a tank full of them haha And then of course there are my bettas, which are my thang completely... and just had a spawn that went quite 'interestingly', and not in a good way haha, that I'll be posting about once I have approval Thank you all :)/>
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