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3 Month Old HMPKs


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I just jumped on to update the spawn log for these guys and suddenly realised I had never done a spawn log for this spawn.

They will be 3 months old on Sunday and will be jarred up in the next day or so...

The parents were a Male Orange Dragon HMPK and a Female Orange HMPK (mother of my past 2 Orange HMPK spawns)

I am getting some nice yellows out of the mix. In fact, the yellow seems to be more vivid than the yellows that were produced with the females sibling brother. Most are showing the start of dragon scaling. I'm not expecting full coverage as they are only half dragons. I have one male red HMPK in the spawn - he is showing the start of blue irids (the only one showing blue at this stage.)This spawn were neglected in the early weeks and therefore some are missing ventrals. As none of this spawn will be for sale, I am OK with this - it is not genetic and the main point of the spawn was to produce breeding stock to play with. I have achieved that goal.

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