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Now, now boys, settle down. This aint no pissing contest behind the sheds...

I read these amazing spawn logs and updates, and new purchases, and think - How the heck do these people manage (or words to that effect)?

I have one small spawn tank (15L), one growout arriving tomorrow (60L), 1 9xbay barracks (approx 60L), 1 3xbay barracks (40L) and one 15L QT tank on standby. I have Convicts about to go into a 70L tank. The wife wants a 4 foot community tank in the lounge (full of lots of pretty coloured fish).

In the spawn tank I have anywhere up to 50 fry with their dad. In the 9 bay barracks I have three males. In the 3 bay barracks are my 3 females (no vacancy). Once dad goes back into the barracks, that leaves me with space for a whole 5 new fish.

I'm intending to jar my spawn in a bain-marie setup suggested by Ness (under the bed storage container plus take-away cups (610ml), heater and daily water changes). Works out to providing homes for about 20. I'll obviously need two of these setups if the cull fairy doesnt visit soon.

I'm seriously thinking about making my own barracks from beanie boxes and some clever application of silicon and perspex (might need Ness again for that bit). Pretty sure I'm handy enough to wrangle something on that scale, and I've the tools in the shed. I'm also thinking of making a multi-bay setup that will slide into an under the bed storage container which will allow shared water and heating and make water changes easier and less frequent. But I digress...

I'd like 2 or 3 spawn tanks - which requires 2 or 3 grow out tanks. In turn, these will require multiple solutions for jarring. In addition to the business end, I need at least one more barrack system to house breeding stock, and possibly a sorority for the girls. Note to self: must stop buying LFS rescues.

With that setup, I'm guessing the LFS's will need to be willing to buy lots of fish off me throughout the year. Or I need 'other' ways of moving them on...

So I don't have a huge amount of tank space at present, and getting what I want will be a lot slower than it has been getting what I've got (say that ten times quickly after a big night out), but I'm curious...now I've shown you mine, will you show me yours ;)

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I own a lot more tanks than I have actually set up. So currently setup are:

1 x 2ft std (channoides colony)

1 x 2ft tall (pair of blue angels and their fry)

1 x 3ft std (3 blue angels, 4 peppermints, 1 pencilfish)

3 x 18in (suboccelatus pair in one and different varieties of guppies in each of the other two)

17 beanie boxes with male and female bettas, leftover from last year's spawns, none of them are any good.

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Hi Brenton,

I think this is a great thread, I`m always thinking how to improve my "to be" set up!!

I have three 30L tanks, two of which will be divided into three compartments each and the third will be used as a spawning tank. Then have a planted 3ft community that houses fifteen cardinals tetras, four bronze cories and two kribensis and a 100L that will be used as a growout. Now my big problem was "Where will i put the fry when the get aggressive??", Mum and Dad didn`t want me getting anymore tanks so I had to work with what I had sooooooo I`m now building two in-tank barracks for the 100L and the 3ft. They will be made of clear acrylic divided into five compartments each, I`m just hoping to god they don`t fall apart or leach toxins or anything else that could go wrong because knowing my luck, what could go wrong, will go wrong.

But at the moment I haven`t got a single betta, as you see I like to be prepared before I plunge myself in :o


PS: Heres Bettarazzi`s old beanie box setup:

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Dan - thanks heaps for the link. I'm at work so I cant get vids :(, but I'll have a good look when I get home.

As for being prepared - yep, I'm exactly the same, but, as Bettarazzi once told me, "over analyse can paralyze" ...which is true. There is such a thing as being over-prepared and never actually getting to the doing of it - go buy a Betta, if nothing else, he can keep you company while you work on the tanks ;)

Dont forget (like I did) to take photos of your DIY and post for the benefit of everyone else.

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Sweet pickup today: 2x2' + 1x2.5' tanks for $60.

All three will require new lids and some heavy duty cleaning but they are all water tight. New grow-out tanks and a new sorority tank...done!

Time to get the second spawn tank underway :cheer:/>

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My current beanie box setup is much more old school. No filtration. Just manual water changes. My room is heated now so they just sit in a row on a shelf. The plan when I finally find the motivation to continue working on my fishroom is to simplify the setup. I'll provide the means for overflow drainage so I can refresh the water with a top up during the week when I'm busy and rely on doing a manual siphon on the weekend. In theory bettas prefer a still water setup however this depends a lot on how well you can maintain water quality without filtration. The benefits of still water could be outweighed by the water going foul faster. We'll see what happens. As it stands the current setup is a pain. Thank goodness I don't have that many.

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