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Hello from Sydney! :)


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Hi there! My name is Shirley and I'm from Sydney (as I've mentioned)

I'm a total amateur. As a teenager I kept betta and spent a lot of time of fishkeeping forums but I had to stop because of studies. I've just completed my undergraduate degree in Science and now I'm ready to get really serious with fishkeeping!

I currently have zero fish (my dad has ~20 or so tropical fish in his tank, and a whole tank of guppies) but I'm in the process of setting up a nice new 20L tank for a betta :).

I also love goldfish but I have no room for them :( I dream of having a huge backyard and a beautiful pond full of fancies :D

Next year I'll be doing my Honours in Biology at University of Sydney, my research topic is courtship behaviour in guppies! I'm really excited about that ^^.

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Hi Shirley

Your guppy project sounds interesting you should look at bettas as well some males seem to be serial killers.I have more endlers than guppies and the males really put in an effort displaying to the females the guppies I have just seem to harass the ladies until they say ok maybe that is guppy courtship.good luck with it.


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Welcome Shirley,

there's a pretty vibrant community here so feel free to ask anything traul the forums and look around... lettuce know if you're looking for particular fish to breed with or display, there are a LOT of hobbiests on here.

someone also has some killer fancy guppies and fighters to die for (Fishchick65 on Youtube)



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Hi Kev! My original idea was actually courtship behaviour in betta! But logistical issues meant it wasn't possible. :c But guppies are cool too!

Thanks Ness! Definitely going to look around and learn as much as I can. I'd LOVE to get into breeding if I have the time for it (and the space for a new tank). I'm really wanting a sorority tank :D! By the way, weird question but did you used to live in Brisbane by any chance?

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Hi Shirley and welcome to the forum.

There are so many different types of guppies to choose from so good luck with them. Keeping and breeding any fish requires time and dedication so I hope you can manage it with your busy schedule. In saying that, keeping a sorority of bettas is very rewarding and not to taxing of your time. Keep us up to date of your progress (pics always appreciated).

Remember the only silly question is one not asked.



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