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  1. I recently made a post in the Community Tank thread about starting up a sorority tank and while the fish are fine. I'm struggling with the plants. A majority of the plants in the aquarium right now are Giant Ambulia which I was told was a low light plant when I first bought them. But I've noticed that they're struggling and parts are beginning to melt. I've not had much experience with planted tanks and although I've tried to read up on lighting as much as i could, I'm not very clear on it and I'm not sure how to help my plants. My tank is a Resun 600DM, it's 60 x 30 x 40 and it came with
  2. I don't have a good camera so no photos for the time being! I ended up taking home 7. My supervisor decided he wanted to keep using them in experiments but he let me take some home. They've settled in really well and they're loving the big tank. No fighting so far! Being that I only have 7, I do want to put some more fish in the tank but I'm wondering what species should I be looking at? I'd love something colourful, or some kind of schooling fish, maybe? But I know fighters are aggressive so I don't want to bring home fish just for them to be killed.
  3. Hi Brenton, Thanks for your reply! I'll keep those numbers in mind when I'm picking out individuals this week. I'm not looking to breed them and thanks for letting me know that they might not have much longer. I don't mind so much if they are getting on with age, it's just a bit sad to see them in the lab tank because they won't be used in experiments again and I'd much rather they had a loving home even if only for a few more months. I'll think of my tank as their retirement home
  4. Hi guys! So I have some questions about running a sorority tank. I've been keeping betta on and off for about 10 years now but only ever males and obviously in solitary tanks. I'm a science student and my lab works on animal behaviour using fish as model organisms, last year an honours student was using female fighting fish for his experiments on learning and now that his project is over we have about 30 or so female fighting fish that need a home. From what I understand there were some aggression issues in the beginning so they were all separated but kept in the same tank still. Last week
  5. Hi Kev! My original idea was actually courtship behaviour in betta! But logistical issues meant it wasn't possible. :c But guppies are cool too! Thanks Ness! Definitely going to look around and learn as much as I can. I'd LOVE to get into breeding if I have the time for it (and the space for a new tank). I'm really wanting a sorority tank ! By the way, weird question but did you used to live in Brisbane by any chance?
  6. Hi there! My name is Shirley and I'm from Sydney (as I've mentioned) I'm a total amateur. As a teenager I kept betta and spent a lot of time of fishkeeping forums but I had to stop because of studies. I've just completed my undergraduate degree in Science and now I'm ready to get really serious with fishkeeping! I currently have zero fish (my dad has ~20 or so tropical fish in his tank, and a whole tank of guppies) but I'm in the process of setting up a nice new 20L tank for a betta . I also love goldfish but I have no room for them I dream of having a huge backyard and a beautiful pond
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