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Perth Betta keepers


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Are you Really Interested In Betta?

There will be a gathering of people interested in forming a Betta Club here in Perth. Whether you are in to Show type, Wild Type or just a pet, there will be benefits in belonging to it.

Date: Tuesday 16th July

Time: 7:45pm Doors Open

8:00pm Start

Venue: Aquarium Society of Western Australia Club Rooms

Rotary Club Hall

Sandgate Street

South Perth

Contact Les by PM on this site

The president on the International Betta Congress is giving his full support to the formation of this club, as have Betta Australis and Victoria Betta club.

Some of the things that this club could offer you will be an ability to,

1. Gather with like minded people and talk about Betta once a month,

2. Gain knowledge of how to keep and breed both ornamental and wild Betta,

3. Acquire the knowledge to be able to asses the good attributes in show Betta,

4. Hold table shows and gain constructive criticism,

5. Take a walk on the wild side and form a species maintenance program here in Perth for wild Betta,

And last but not least

6. The discount of group buying. For things that can be bought in bulk but arn't always convenient to do so,(ie IAL, processed food, Black worms, and maybe Betta on pre-order).

On the night it is hoped that we can discuss what you would be looking for in a club if it was formed. There will be a small Q & A sheet for people to fill in so that this information can be compiled to make the club workable for all.

See you there


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