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shrimp tank


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i have no idea on how to upload pics, this is by far the best i could do.

this is my lil shrimp tank with some guppie fry and an ember tetra i believe O_o

this is a nano tank which i picked up second hand for 50 bucks, works like a charm.

gimme your thoughts guys/gals

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(Photobucket is the one we use for sharing photos mostly on here)

Nice little set up

that tank for 50 is a good buy :)

Plants are good lots of cover shrimp love to climb all over everything haha

Ember tetra may eat shrimp babies

same with guppy fry when they get large enough.

Only thing I'd suggest is look into a shrimp substrate rather than gravel. The dark colour helps the shrimp colour, it has additives to make the plants go whoosh and it will stabilize your pH real well for the range most shrimp like it to be (mid 6) plus the shrimp like to do there little rolling/digging/cleaning thing to the substrate but gravels a bit heavy for the little guys

Just a suggestion though the shrimp will still live a normal life cycle etc with gravel

What shrimp will you/have you put in it? :)

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