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Hello from WA


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Well I have been a hobbyist for about 15 years now.

Have kept marine in the past but for the last 10 years mostly freshwater and these days freshwater only.

I currently have a 6x2x2 with a 6 year old male Red Devil on his lonesome since he is so antisocial, I had him since he was a tiny scaredy fry.

A few Sparkling gourami I bred, the parents have passed on since.

A 4 foot rainbow tank with some fat oto's too

A 3.5 foot community with a couple of Pearl Gourami and a moonlight gourami and a dozen or so black neons all of which are now fry that I bred all grown up. A couple of bristlenoses in there to.

A 5 foot tank currently awaiting some lighting before I can begin to develop it into my feature tank.

All my tanks except the Devils are planted so lights are most important.

Also have a 30 inch tank I am preparing to take my very first wild Betta I am looking at getting a pair of Betta patoti. So I have come here to learn from those that have been there before me, hoping you all will be very nice in helping me out if you can if I run into trouble.

So hello from WA


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If your looking at getting wilds be prepared to cling wrap and tape it shut. They can be very very jumpy.

Never researched, but were the sparkling gourami hard to breed? We have them in our community so may give it a go one day.

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Haha there do seem to be a lot of wa located people lately its great though since as you know wa has some funny quarantine so you should get real good local advice

Patoti are lovely

There's a whole wild bEtta thread so its a great place to have alook at what others keep and how they do things

Hope you enjoy bettas we do have some sections on other fish too

maybe betta razzi will make a cichlid one since you and Brenton both have some :P

Anyway hope you enjoy the forum :)

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Thankyou for the warm welcome always nice when you first join a forum :blush:

JamesL sparklings are super easy but I had a species tank that was basically a jungle tank. I dont ever actively breed I just provide what I think they need and the fish normally do the rest the weak get picked off and you are left with strong fry.

And yes I have the glad wrap at the ready I hear these fish are very good at getting out of the tank maybe as good as an moray eel I once had. I never did succeed in keeping him in but he was always alive when I found him.

Looking forward to exploring the forum

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the unimaculata complex wild bettas are escape artists.

your sparkling fry sound ie our wilds they arent the prettiest tanks but the wilds have been breeding round the clock since we put them in pretty much so they must thing there alright ;)

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