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A brief intro about myself,I've kept many fish species over the years.The main ones being malawis and bristle nose catfish.

Currently I have roughly 60 + tanks which is being down sized all the time.i've always kept guppys of some description over

The years,it's only over the last few years have become interested in them again.i tried breeding bettas 15 years ago and

Failed.i'am currently upgrading my fishroom,and downsizing my tanks from 4 foot to 2ft x 10 x 12's,the reason for this is

The price of electricity is to high and I want I more compact fishroom.

Cheers roydy

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Hey roydy! Welcome! If you're here to learn about bettas, it's definitely the right place. Lots of knowledge and experience on here. Spawn logs are very helpful to see how others do things and see where you might be going wrong. Bettas will definitely shrink your tanks, but you may need more to accommodate for all the males!

We're all suckers for photos, so if you have any of your (what sounds to be massive) fish room, we'd love to see!

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