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Which lighting? Please help!


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I have purchased a 4ft tank recently and am starting to look at lighting units for it, all my tanks I have had previously have had them built into the hood so I haven't had to buy any lighting before, would any of these be suitable? any help or suggestions as to what to get would be fantastic, Ive got low light plants like java fern and water sprite so nothing fancy :)Is there much different between LED and halogen lighting? Which do you prefer?




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The 2nd one the T5 looks pretty cool.

If money is a concern and you want to do it on the cheap this website has loads of aquarium lights. Just search for "aquarium light" (dx.com)


(just like ebay you want to check reviews with actual pictures) Delivery is approx 4 weeks

Buyer beware: But DX is super cheap and sometimes the stuff is pretty good. For example I grown marine coral off $4 led lights from this website.

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