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Mac Opercularis


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Hey guys

I had been looking at Paradise fish for a while now but hadnt seen any females whilst looking, I mentioned this to a friend of mine and was presented on Tuesday with a bag full of mixed sex Mac Op's. They had been raised in outside ponds and the original stock was purchased many years ago. I put all the fish in one tank that night and gave them a big feed of grindel worms and left them to themselfs. The next day I found two very nicely coloured males stutting there stuff and thought to myself lets just wait and see how this plays out. after two days in this tank one male made himself top dog and started a nest in the corner and was persistant at keeping the other male away. There was only one female he was intrested in and he kept herding her over to that corner ( she didnt seem to mind a bit ). These two fish were removed from that tank and placed in a smaller tank that is normaly reserved for Betta breeding. The tank was set up exactley as I would for a betta spawn. The next day this pair where feed grindels three times a day for two days the second day a nest was made in one corner and the thierd day they started wraping with a second nest appering in the middle of the tank.



I just thought id share



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