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New member from Melbourne


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Hi there

My Name is Danielle,

I have just brought a Aquarium shop in Melbourne, I take over on the 15th this month.

I have not lived in Australia long,I am originally from New Zealand, In NZ I was breeding Bettas and I have just started to in OZ, I have just set up a 8 foot tank at my house and also have about 19 bettas to start my breeding lines in another custom made tank,

that is all for now



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Hi Danielle! Where abouts is the shop?

Good luck with all the spawns, let us know how they go. Is your shop mainly going to be bettas? Or a bit of everything?

hi and thanks :)/>/>

the shop will specialise in bettas and goldfish/ponds. However i will have a good range consisting of: cold water fish, community tropicals, cichlids, bettas, turtles and will be doing special orders in the very near future :)/>/>

I take over on 15th so to begin with there will be limited stock but i can assure you within a couple of months the shop will be well stocked. I will have a great range of bettas, including veiltails, halfmoons, crowntails-both male and female!!!

the set up the bettas currently have i dont like so i have got a big set up just for bettas on the way!

please feel free to come into the shop any time to have a look at what we have! and be sure to keep an eye out for my new facebook page with weekly specials only for facebook members :D

see you all soon

Aquariums Plus

679 Centre Road

Bentleigh East


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