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G Day all.

I live on the 'sunny' Gold Coast and have done for the last 12 years, after moving from Sydney.

I started with a small Reef set-up back in September which has grown to a 4ft Reef aquarium and slowly building the live rock, coral and fish community. Had a few drama's and a couple of huge losses in the last 3 weeks ( Emporer I had for 3 days, Madarin I had for 6 day and 2 Fire Gobies I had for a few months as well as a nudibranch :-( ), as a result became very disheartened with my Reef aquarium.

Along the way I have also established a 3 ft and a 2ft Tropical aquarium. In the larger one I have a variety of Tetras, Mollies, Platties, Swords, Angels, Sharks and my pride, a Ghost Knife all of which are hand fed. The smaller tropical is Dwarf Gouramis and Guppies. I seem to be having a great deal of success with trpoical planted Aquariums, my plants are growing rediculously stupidly well.

Anyway, feel free to ask Q's

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yeah if you have a good light the plants will just go crazy

we had a rather bare looking tank and within the space of 2-3 weeks we are trying to figure out what we can do with all our extra plant just cause it all shot up so much so fast.

i love black ghost knives we have two small ones (15cm). they crack me up whenever they explore the tank.

sorry bout the troubles with your reef aquarium hopefully it fixes up and you dont have any more losses.

welcome to the group everyone is absolutely lovely on here :)

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Thanks guys.

still haven't got to the bottom of the dramas in the reef tank. All parameters in the tank have been tested and retest over the last 3 days and nothing is showing in those test. None of the fish that died showed any signs of stress or disease.

I have had a falling out with my local aquarium over this issue, hence the reason for joining the forum.

Only been at aquariums for 5 months and while I am not clueless, I don't believe that everything written in books it the absolute truth and I feel years of experience plays a great role in a new enthusiasts growth.

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Sorry this is not the forum for me.

I love bettas but i am not restricted to bettas.

I love an active forum, this place is dead.

I love an easy to navigate forum, and in the 10 years I have joined various forums, this has to be the most difficult to navigate forum I have ever come across.

But the biggest thing I hate about this forum is you can't delete your account.

Please feel free to delete my account admin.

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