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Hey guys,

Just looking for your opinion & experience.

Ive been doing some online window shopping on ebay (aquaticaddictonline) and have read in the past of people using Melafix and Pimafix?

What are your experiences in having things like these readily available "In case"?

What also on these other API products

Stress Coat

Stress Zyme



also what are your experiences with Atison's Betta Spa?

Would it be better/cheaper to use this, or to order in a lot of IAL for future.. say for instance- breeding?

Thanks in advance guys!!



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Honestly, the only 'chemical' I use on a regular basis is Seachem Prime. Clean, warm water tinted with IAL and maybe some aquarium salt is going to perform the exact same task that Melafix/Pimafix claim to.

I know a lot of people in the states do not like the use of Melafix or Bettafix with bettas. Apparently there is some concern about the tea tree oil damaging the labrinyth organ. I have used it in the past and none of my fish became sick or died, but it also did not really perform spectacularly either.

Betta spa for me is a waste of money. I used it on a couple of my bettas and never noticed a difference. I would advise just sticking with IAL or an IAL extract as Betta Spa cost a ridiculous amount for what it does (or in my case didn't do).

As to those other products, I don't believe in things like 'Algae-fix', and if you water is milky or cloudy I would suggest looking at your parameters, stocking and your general fishkeeping practices before throwing a product in.

I used API Stress Coat once to tide me over until I got my Prime sent and I did not like it at all. While I was using it, my established (three years old) and cycled goldfish tank had a cycle crash and whether that was a coincidence or not I prefer to stick to using either Seachem Prime or the new one I am trialing Aussie made, Supa-Chlor.

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I just ordered Indian almond leaves off eBay and then either just use the leaves into tank directly or make a black tea with the leaves and use as much as necessary. Is the Attison betta spa an ial extract?? I remember the fist time I was trying to spawn my bettas n not having any luck, then bettarazzi put me onto an ial extract and bang a week later I had fry.if I remember correctly it was Attison betta spa but could be completely wrong. Think it's best to steer clear of most medications if u can help it. ial and prime is the only thing I put in water.

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